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Our Philosophy



To be a world-class, global operator within the energy and mining sectors.




Achieving sustainability and global competitiveness to:
  • Increase return on investment for shareholders
  • Improve the welfare of our employees
  • Enhance public prosperity around our mine sites
  • Sustainably preserve the environment surrounding our operations



BUMI’s action are guided by three underlying principles

  • How best to create value
  • How best to create prosperity
  • How best to find opportunities

BUMI’s Board of Directors is following a growth strategy to expand its mining properties, to ramp up production and to execute a focused management approach. By doing these, consistently and within a risk based approach, BUMI will deliver more coal to global markets and bring its many minerals properties into production to satisfy increasing global demand.

The potential to be a major global miner is visible in the wealth already created for shareholders, the jobs already provided, the opportunities existing around the mining sites and the care for the environment that BUMI closely attends to by already having grown vital forests. These missions have balanced the priorities of the Company, and turned BUMI into globally-recognized mining company.
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