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PT Pendopo Energi Batubara


PT Pendopo Energi Batubara (PEB) established in 1995 entered into the third Coal Contract of Work (CCOW) with the Government of Indonesia. The location of PEB mining is in Muara Enim and PALI, South Sumatera, 140 km southwest of Palembang, which can be accessed through the provincial road, Musi/Lematang River and crossed by specific road for coal of the third party along the ± 116 km that connects Lahat with coal port in the Musi River.


PEB has a concession area of 17,840 hectares with a 30-year operating permit, from 5 May 2009 to 4 May 2039. Based on studies conducted by an independent mining consultant with JORC method, PEB owns a potential coal resources of 2,3 billion tonnes and 1,3 billion tonnes coal reserves. The mine has conducted feasibility study and the production permit was attained for 7.6 million tonnes capacity since 2006, in accordance with the letter of Director of Business Development of Mineral and Coal No. 360/48/DPP/2006.



PEB was granted the operation/production permits in 2009 for 30 years, in accordance with the Decree of the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, No. 325.K/30/DJB/2009, 1 July 2009 and its amendments No. 686.K/30/DJB / 2011, 30 March 2011.


Pendopo’s coal resources is classified as young coal, with a moisture content (IM) of 16.4%-27% and total moisture (TM) between 55%- 60%, with 4%-8% ash, low sulfur of (<0, 2%) and calorie content of 2,400 kcal/kg (GAR).


Taking into account the characteristics of the Pendopo’s coal quality, PEB has teamed up with the strategic partners to develop value-added industries of low grade coal, which includes: Mine Mounth Power Plant, Coal Upgrading and Coal Gasification/Liquefaction, as well as Pendopo’s clean coal town in collaboration with JCoal.


For Mine Mouth Power Plant Project, PEB is (establishing/ approach) cooperation with Strategic partner intensively in order to follow this PLN’s Mine Mouth Power Plant project through direct selection and direct appointment under ESDM Minister Decree No. 03 Year 2015.

For Coal Upgrading and Coal Gasification, PEB together with its strategic partners from Japan and Korea are on comprehensive feasibility study in purpose to implements these projects commercially.


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