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Gorontalo Minerals
Through the acquisition of the entire shares of International Mineral Company of BHP Minerals at PT Gorontalo Minerals (“GM”), the Company has become the major shareholder at GM with 80% ownership. GM holds mining concession rights on a 36,070 hectare area, located in Kabupaten Bone Bolango, Gorontalo Province.

 Based on exploration, the Company has identified four areas of gold and copper, as well as five areas of gold, silver and copper in the territory. At present, the Company is working on advanced exploration, as well as feasibility studies which cover the resources and reserves of copper and gold. Additionally, the Company has completed the basic studies on water surface and river flow, the biodiversity research, as well as AMDAL (Environmental Impact Assessment) studies.

To comply with regulations issued by the Ministry of Mining and Energy, the Company has also completed a long-term work plan report, as stipulated in Laws No 4, 2009.
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