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Bumi Mauritania S.A
The Company has been operating its mining activities in Mauritania since 2005, at which time it acquired two iron ore permits, one in the North of the country at S’fariet, and one in central Mauritania at Tomagot.

S’fariet lies approximately 250 km north-northeast of the town of Zouerat, where the state owned company SNIM has its major iron ore mining operations.

Geographically, S’fariet’s concession area is dominated by a series of ironstone ridges spanning across 100 km along the S’fariet tenement. The geological structure of S’fariet territory comprises a series of banded iron formations (BIFs) and other meta-sedimentary and meta-igneous rocks.

Since acquiring the tenement in 2005 BUMI has completed a number of studies. A systemic (500 x 25m) rock chip sampling program has been conducted over the BIF units, and an aeromagnetic and radiometric survey at 200m line spacing of the entire tenement. At this stage it is clear that the BIF units are magnetic. However, the degree of magnetism has yet to be determined.

Future exploration plans for S’fariet include;
  • Re-examining the geology
  • RC and diamond drilling program.
  • Metallurgical testing of samples.


The Tomagot tenement is situated approximately 50 km south of the town of Akjoujt, and covers an area of 1,291 km2.

The main Nouakchott-Akjoujt sealed road runs through the tenement, which could offer major infrastructure advantages for transporting ore.

Since acquiring its mining permit, the Company has collated a significant exploration database. This includes, geological mapping, systemic rock chip sampling, magnetic surveys (both ground and aerial), as well as test pitting and drilling.

Future exploration program for Tomagot will include:
  • Further RC and Diamond drilling.
  • Sample analysis
  • Metallurgical tests
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