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Human Resources Development


In order to boost employee performance, BUMI strives to develop competent employees and establish harmonious work relationship and favorable work environment.






The purpose of human resources development in the long term is to maximize employees’ competence in order to ensure effective and efficient business activities. Market condition in 2014, which remained unfavorable marked by decrease of demand volumes and declining coal price, prompted operational efficiency efforts in all activities including human resources management.


Against the backdrop of current business situation and unfavourable coal prices, BUMI undertook various efficiency efforts related to recruitment, training and employment facilities, aiming at maintaining the Company’s operational throughout the challenging situation. Aside from those undertakings, there is not many changes made by BUMI on the employee benefit due to efficiency in many sectors .


For BUMI, with human resources totalling to 30,000 people that comprised of employees, contractors, and sub-contractors, efficiency efforts were focused on recruitment cost, training and development, and compensation and benefits which enable the company to stay on par with industry peers. Manpower planning was directly linked to site requirements in accordance with projected activities that were planned according to production target, market forecasts and competition.


Human Resources Infrastructure



   To enhance human resources capability, BUMI has completed some improvement especially in IT application, and Health, Safety, and Environment HSE) practices, human resources information system which can facilitate administration management, monitoring, and report generation. With the support of the customized system, subsidiaries and contractors strives to contribute to the realization of optimum operational efficiency.


The head office was also in full support to the achievement of the target through development and improvement in management system as well as implementation of programs that would ensure the achievement of long term goals.





During 2014, BUMI did not significantly increase the number of employees, only fill up the vacancy due to employee resignation. BUMI recruitment is conducted by placing vacancy ad at its website and through online media such as Jobs DB in order to get potential candidates.


In the recruitment process, Bumi does not distinguish candidates/applicants with certain cultural background, religion, ethnicity or particular university. Bumi always keep the balance of opportunities in each division. Moreover, in our advertising of vacancy we also never include gender and age preferences, to provide equal opportunities for the applicants .


Competence Development



Key programs in BUMI’s HR competency development in 2014 in connection with the expansion and improvement of its production targets is as follow:



  • Technical Assistance on the Preparation of Competency- Based Training Program
This training program is done to improve the skills of participants in preparing the competency-based training material.
  • Training on Preparation of RSKKNI for HR Management
The training is done to help prepare the Draft of Indonesian National Working Competency Standard (RSKKNI) in the field of Human Resource Management
One of the important training programs conducted in 2014 is the program of HR Management Competency Assessor Certification. This training program is aimed at preparing candidate for Competency Assessor in the field of human resource management to carry out the assessment in accordance with SKKNI published by BNSP.

Performance Management


In order to ensure operational efficiency, performance management, and internalization of company values, BUMI continues to apply system to effectively recruit and nurture the best talents, expand employees’ competencies, career development, and employee retention. Through systematic approach, BUMI applied performance appraisal system, performance-based remuneration, and developed performance oriented working culture.


Remuneration Strategy



Aside from the above initiatives, BUMI also maintain competitive remuneration package by making sure that salary and benefits standards is on par with relevant industry peers. Performancebased remuneration package is implemented to boost employee productivity and to improve employee retention. Direct and indirect compensation is designed to optimize employee retention and employee engagement which later will contribute to the achievement of company objectives.


Managing Employee Relations



BUMI strives to establish harmonious working relationship and favorable work environment that would enable all employees to deliver their best performances within their competency and avoid industrial disputes and employee grievances. The management is committed to create good communications with employees through formal and informal programs. To maintain and develop integrity, BUMI provides Speak Up System that warrants the confidentiality of anyone who lodges reports with supporting evidences. In addition, BUMI realized communication program through town hall meeting between management and employees to channel information and ensure two-way communication.


Strategic Program in 2015



  1. Development of the supervisory capabilities for Superintendent level upwards.
  2. Encourage employee performance by implementing Achievement Motivation Training for employees.
  3. Update Company Regulation (PP) which expired on March 31, 2015 by improving the policies and benefits for employees.
  4. Complete HR policy to provide guidance for the implementation of HR management in the company.


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