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Based on Coal Contract of Work (CCOW), the government granted authorization to PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC) to carrry out exploration, production and marketing of coal in area of 90,938 hectares in Sangatta and Bengalon of East Kutai Regency, East Kalimantan Province.



KPC’s Sangatta mine is close to the port facilities at Tanjung Bara, which is linked to the mine by an overland conveyor of approximately 13 kilometers in length. Second OLC line and Barge Loading Facilitiy Extention have been built to support plans to increase the production capacity in the future.


The Bengalon mine is also close to the coast and is linked to port facilities by a 22 kilometers haul road. The close proximity of all the mines to the ports provides KPC with the advantage of lower costs mine to port transportation. KPC produces three grades of coal:


  • Prima : high quality coal with high calorie content, very low ash, medium sulphur, and low moisture
  • Pinang : has lower energy compared to Prima but with higher moisture content
  • Melawan : sub-bituminous coal with low sulphur and ash, and high moisture content

KPC's Total production of coal (saleable form) in 2014 from Sangatta and Bengalon reached 52.4 million ton, down 2.03% from 53.5 million ton in 2013.


Table 1. KPC's 2014 Coal Production



Table 2. KPC's 2014 Coal Resources and Coal Reserves





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