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GCG Policies
The Board of Commissioners and Directors introduced BUMI’s GCG Guidelines in a document, entitled, “The Way We Are Expected to Work, version 2.0” in June, 2008. This document, made available to all employees, outlines the GCG principles and policies to be complied with by the entire organization.


It also details overall guidelines and responsibilities for each unit and function within the organization, as well as relations with external parties.
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BUMI Board Manual is a comprehensive guideline on the systems and procedures underlining how the Board of Commissioners, the Directors, and the Boards’ Committees as well as the Corporate Secretary conduct their duties and responsibilities within a GCG framework.


To support the implementation of GCG and in accordance with the developments and changes in prevailing legislations and best practices, BUMI has updated its Board Manual. Version 2.0 launched on 15 September 2011 with the adjustment to the latest Company Law, International UK Corporate Governance Code, Indonesia’s Code of Good Governance 2006 and the National Committee of Corporate Governance Independent Commissioners Guidelines.


A centerpiece of GCG implementation is the Company’s Code of Conduct, established through a document, entitled “The Way We Conduct Business, version 2.0” and launched in June 2008. All Commissioners, Directors, management, new and existing employees receive a Code of Conduct and are required to sign a Code of Conduct Compliance Form, stating that they have read the Code of Conduct and fully understand the Code as applicable to them. A yearly check, as well as publications in internal information, discussion forums, workshops, posters, banners and on the website, ensures that employees remain aware of the Code of Conduct’s provision.
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Mr. Spirit BUMI’s GCG Mascot, Mr. SPIRIT, representing Exuberance, Professionalism, Independence, Perseverance, Integrity and Responsibility, was introduced in 2007 and is an effective communication tool to disseminate BUMI’s values and ethics in relation to its commitment to implement GCG to both internally and with external party, such as suppliers, customers, consultants, and regulators.
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