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The decision in 2010 to consolidate all non-coal mining assets of BUMI and create PT Bumi Resources Minerals (BRMS) reflected a focus strategy on bringing these assets into production. BRMS was listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange in December 2010 and is currently under the independent management focusing on bringing these assets into production. BUMI holds an 87% interest in BRMS.


BRM, consists of:
  • Newmont Nusa Tenggara : Copper and Gold (associated company already in production)
  • Dairi Prima Mineral : Zinc and lead (in construction stage)
  • Gorontalo Minerals : Gold and copper (in the environmental impact analysis (AMDAL) stage)
  • Citra Palu Minerals : Gold and molybdenum (in the exploration stage)
  • Bumi Resources Japan : Marketing Services


PT Newmont Nusa Tenggara
Newmont Nusa Tenggara’s (NNT) Batu Hijau project is a large scale, open pit copper and gold mine located in Sumbawa, Nusa Tenggara. BRMS currently owns 18% effective interest in NNT which includes the producing Batu Hijau project as well as the prospective Elang and Rinti sites.


Batu Hijau is one of only three mines in the world with total ore tonnage in excess of 1 billion tonnes and gold grades higher than 0.2 gram/tonne. The Batu Hijau project has 6.5 billion lbs of copper and 6.9 million oz of gold reserves with the reserve life of 9 years for gold and 12 years for copper based on the peak production rate in 2010. The NNT mining activities have now entered phase 6.


Within the NNT’s Contract of Works, there are other copper and gold prospects from the Elang and Rinti sites, in addition to the Batu Hijau project. Elang’s copper and gold deposits are estimated to be larger than Batu Hijau’s copper and gold deposites.


PT Dairi Prima Mineral
BRMS owns 80% shares of PT Dairi Prima Mineral (DPM) which is a zinc and lead project in North Sumatra. The total reserves and resources have increased by 104% and 25% respectively based on JORC estimates completed by CSA Global in October 2010 and Mining Plus Pty Ltd. in February 2011. The total reserves consist of 11 million tonnes ore from Anjing Hitam and Lae Jahe sites, which translate into a mine life of more than 15 years.


The concession has one of the highest grades of zinc deposits in the world (11.5% Zn; 6.8% Pb; 7.5 Ag g/t). The total resources size from Anjing Hitam, Lae Jahe, and Base Camp sites (including reserves size) reached 25 million tonnes of ore.


Notable progress was achieved in the effort to commence the first production. In May 2011, the Presidential Decree No 28/year 2011 was issued which allows underground mining under protected forest areas in Indonesia. In November 2011, the Company obtained an In- Principle Approval for underground mining for its concession. The Company obtained the permit in July 2012 for the underground mining of its zinc and lead concession.


DPM entered into an Agreement of Strategic Cooperation with China Non-Ferrous Metal Industry’s Foreign Engineering and Construction Co Ltd (NFC) in 22 October 2013. This was followed by the signing of an Engineering, Procurement and Contruction ("EPC") Contract in April 2014 to develop and monetize zinc and lead reserves in Anjing Hitam. As reported in October of the last year, NFC will assist to arrange 85% of the funding required to develop Dairi's zinc and lead project.

PT Gorontalo Minerals
BRMS owns an 80% interest in Gorontalo Minerals (GM), a copper and gold concession. Gorontalo Minerals has a Contract of Works rights to a 36,070 hectares mining concession located in the Bone Bolango Regency in the province of Gorontalo.


BRMS reported the JORC standardized resource estimates of 292 million tonnes of ores (0.5%CU; 0.47 g/ton Au) from its Gorontalo Minerals copper and gold concession in September 2012.


In March 2014, GM has signed a MoU with PT Nusantara Smelting to explore opportunities to supply copper concentrate to the facilities to be developed by Nusantara Smelting. Furthermore on the 18 December 2014, BRMS announced that Gm has completed a public consultation as a part of an environmental impact analysis (AMDAL) which is related to Sungai Mak mine site in particular. Such public consultation is the follow up of the Feasibility Study done on the Sungai Mak site that.


PT Citra Palu Minerals
Citra Palu Minerals (CPM), is currently finalizing the feasibility studies in the Poboya mine site. Such studies include metallurgy, geotechnical, and geohydrology studies. Which is expected to be completed and submitted for further approval by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources in the 1st semester of 2015.


JORC resources estimation for Poboya gold prospect is soon to be completed. CPM has a Contract of Work for a mining concession of 138,889 hectares in Central Sulawesi and South Sulawesi, Indonesia.


Bumi Resources Japan Co. Ltd.
Bumi Resources Japan is a marketing office liaising with customers on a wide range of coal and non-coal products. BRMS currently owns a 100% effective interest in Bumi Japan.



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