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Information Technology and Operations


"Maintaining operational IT services under a very tight budget requires creativity in selecting appropriate actions and considering alternative solutions"


Maintaining operational IT services under a very tight budget requires creativity in selecting appropriate actions and considering alternative solutions. The operational activities of the Information Technology Division in 2014 were similar to the previous years. However, tight budget conditions in 2014 made them very different. The way a project was selected to proceed was subject to very careful consideration of the cost and benefits. Efficiency became common a word in all actions. Regardless of the tough year, many important activities were carried out to meet the operational needs of the Company.





Most Information Technology projects in 2014 were continuing the projects initiated in the previous year. The projects included finger print attendance systems, provision of telecommunication network, and installation of telecommunication towers.


KPC completed the installation of finger print devices in major locations in order to support the implementation of integrated attendance systems. Nearly one hundred finger print devices were installed at KPC offices in Sangata and Bengalon mining areas.


 The change of mining areas required telecommunication towers to improve the coverage of radio communications for mining activities at KPC Sangata site. The radio repeater at KPC Bintang site was installed in January 2014, and telecommunication tower at KPC Pit J was also completely installed in January 2014 to improve the radio and dispatch system coverage at South Pinang.


A telecommunication tower at KPC Far-North site was re-installed in July 2014, whereas the  tower  at   KPC  Inul  East  was  installed completely in September 2014. A redundant network ring was completely installed in December 2014. This effort was to ensure to the availability and reliability communication network across the KPC mining area.


At Arutmin a few projects were completed. The upgrading of communication link bandwidth from 1 to 2 Mbps for Kintap office was completed in April 2014. In the same month the provision of back-up wireless network for PLC was also completed. Some applications were developed for Arutmin users, such as Cargo system completed in January 2014, Travel Request system completed in August 2014, and Recruitment and Psychological .


Test system also completed in August 2014. In order to comply with the Microsoft copyright systems, the licensing agreement with Microsoft Indonesia through its large account reseller was made in February 2014. Other service contracts both for hardware maintenance support and software support were renewed in 2014.





As a centralized function, the Information Technology Division provides related information and technology services to Bumi Resources and its subsidiaries.


As per 31 December 2014, the Information Technology Division organization structure is set out below:


The Information Technology Division consists of three (3) departments

  • IT Infrastructure Support,
  • Application Support, and
  • System Compliance


The IT Infrastructure Support Department is responsible for ensuring the availability and reliability of all communication and computing systems, both hardware and software. The scope of work includes wide and local area networks, radio communication systems, telephone systems, data center, personal computers and their peripherals, and standard operating environment. IT Infrastructure Support provides regular preventive maintenance of all devices, and ensures that contingency plans are in place to minimize disruptions.

The Application Support Department manages all information systems used by the Company, including Enterprise Resource Planning (“ERP”) applications, Human Resource Management Systems (“HRMS”), Coal Supply Chain Systems, Financial Management Systems, Project Management, and web-based applications.

Application Support is also responsible to respond

to the business requirements for information systems and ensure that they are available as required.


The Systems Compliance Department ensures that IT infrastructure and information systems are implemented and managed according to the agreed architecture, and that IT services are delivered in accordance with service level agreements. System Compliance also issues and manages the implementation of IT Policies and Procedures, administers IT service contracts, manages IT risks, and organizes regular IT audits.



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