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Health, Safety & Environment



“BUMI management have consistently and wholeheartedly supported the efforts of the mines to maintain good safety records, to address weaknesses in health and environmental practice, and to institute new systems.”



BUMI has recognized for some time its leadership position within Indonesia’s mining industry as the world’s largest exporter of thermal coal. Because of the international nature of its business, BUMI has implemented international best practice for safety practices, waste treatment, and environmental management in its subsidiaries.

With full involvement of government regulatory bodies and support of management and staff, widespread and effective measures are taken to minimize or eliminate negative consequences of mining, while promoting the best in terms of re-vegetation and community support.

While the activities are carried out at the subsidiaries, BUMI management fully and unequivocally support these HSE efforts, recognizing that sustainable and profitable operations are a reflection of having high HSE standards and effective and visible results of forward looking practices


 Kaltim Prima Coal

Despite an accident which resulted in 1 unfortunate fatality on January 14, 2012 to a general hand (labor supply) in the Department Bintang, KPC performance in Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) on January - December 2012 period generally showed an improvement compared to the previous year.
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 Arutmin Indonesia

In conducting its mining operations, Arutmin consistently aims to bring the highest standard to the fore with respect to occupational safety, health, and the environment. Arutmin’s commitment in this regard is crucial to achieve zero-accident in its mining activities, while minimizing environmental impact and creating a harmonious co-existence with nearby communities. Read More..

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